// Black and White

Adults have their reasons. You children who see the world in black and white will learn soon enough about shades of grey.

Black and White

My love for Nash Latkje is kind of shameful. Really, he’s a combination of all my favorite RPG archetypes and then an honest-to-god international man of mystery on top of that. His last name sounds like a cross between a veneral disease and a Channukah treat, and he comes with lots of vampire fanfic. Obviously, this leaves me groping around in the dark for something legitimate to base my fandom on. As if that natural S in awesome weren’t enough.

I think my favorite thing about Nash is that right now he’s stuck between being a blond uber-prettyboy and a sketchy old man. His 22-year old youth is almost uncomfortable to look at, with all the high cheekbones and perfectly mussed hair. It is observations like these that plague Black and White. Nash has like, three games of storyline, but noooo, I can only bring myself to make fun of his outfit. I am the most mature piece on the chessboard.

Beatus vir qui non abiit in consilio impiorum.