A republic of letters, a kingdom of fools;

To start, I'll just say that is a collective. That basically means it's a place that links to other sites. It's also a gaming collective, meaning that most of these are some way related to videogames. It's also run by me, which means that Final Fantasy VI is everywhere and Tennyson is quoted frequently and with little to no reason. That's what this domain is about.

True story: about the domain pages are usually really boring. I'm pretty sure you don't care about my hosting plan. (For the record, it's the smallest dreamhost has to offer.) Instead I'd thought I would try to tell you what I'm trying to do with this mess.

Then I realized that I don't rightly know.

What I want to make my domain changes from month to months. It's more of a half-formed collection of thoughts than a coherently designed brand name. This will always be my attempt to create the best gaming collective I can, unless I suddenly decide it will be a tribute to 12th-century French literature. (And stranger things have happened.)

I hesitate to invite any metaphor where I might be termed an artist, but a domain is like a blank canvas. It's 500MBs of cyberspace that you can put anything you want on. And that's pretty cool. This, if you'll permit me to gesture, is what I want.

Character Shrines

Amends Kain Highwind FFIV
Black and White Nash Latkje Suikoden
Consequence Princess Zelda OoT
He Who Asks for Ruin Lezard Valeth VP

Libertine Reno FFVII
Lightbringer Cecil Harvey FFIV
Renaissance Locke Cole FFVI
Sterling Chris Lightfellow Suikoden
Veracity Laguna Loire FFVIII