Between Don Quixote and Lady Macbeth;

This is not my personal site, but I am a narcissist-- I don't need an excuse to talk about myself, I need an oppurtunity. My name is Alex, it always has been. I'm a college junior, double-majoring in history and procrastination. I'm an idealist at heart, tempered by a long stint of cynicsm and eigtheenth-century political philosophy. However, my Age of Reason evolved into a sort of stilted Romanticsm, and I've become the sort of fool who'd believe anything if she could. My chief weapons in life are an unflinching optimism, a book of quotations, and a willingness to fight dirty.

I exist, but I am still a figment of your imagination.

I love books and video games and dead white men. I am largely an anachronism. I'm currently in a weird Byronic phase which basically consists of me using the adjective Byronic to describe anything marginally melancholy. (George Gordon lives forever, man!) Not only do I remember all the words to the Captain Planet theme song, I remember them during biology mid-terms. (To my professor's great dissappointment, I assure you.) I wrote my college entrance essay on my deep personal relationship with Alexander Hamilton. That's the kind of crazy I am. I like to draw and write and dream. This is my monument to distractions.

I've been doing the webdesign thing for something like five years, though I've been doing the video game thing for three. Somewhere along the line I decided that I was less interesting than pixels and dialogue translated crudely from Japanese. Uh. Hmmm. That's sort of depressing. MOVING ON.

I have dreams of glory but fear the seeking, I adore the spotlight but abhor the stage. There are a few kinds of cowards, and I know I'm at least two of them. All in all though, I have a througouhly unfashionable sense of self-worth and a devastating vocabulary. What more could a girl want?

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If you're looking to contact me, there's a page that's been set up here.

Some random facts about me!

For use in all your creepy stalker trivia games. Mostly because I like making HTML lists.

  • I really, really like garlic.
  • I have a hard time spending ten-dollar bills.
  • I own five copies of A Tale of Two Cities.
  • This is because I am in love with Sydney Carton.
  • I have a vendetta against Sir Isaac Newton. No, you really shouldn't ask.
  • My favorite movie is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.
  • At one time, I believed Napoleon was a flavor of ice cream.
  • I am a treasure hunter, dammit.

Character Shrines

Amends Kain Highwind FFIV
Black and White Nash Latkje Suikoden
Consequence Princess Zelda OoT
He Who Asks for Ruin Lezard Valeth VP

Libertine Reno FFVII
Lightbringer Cecil Harvey FFIV
Renaissance Locke Cole FFVI
Sterling Chris Lightfellow Suikoden
Veracity Laguna Loire FFVIII