The Face we show the world;

This is the first true layout. I've had something up at this page for months, but that's because I'm lazy. Now has come into its true self, complete with ramblings and Locke rollovers!

It was obvious that the layout would have to feature Locke. Contrary to popular belief, I don't plan to put Locke on every layout. But this is what I consider the debut layout, and Locke is in many ways the domain's namesake. It's a sort of tradition. Anyway, the official artwork used was scanned by affiliate and prennial partner in crime Emma. The character designer responsible for Locke and this illustration is Yoshitaka Amano. The blue was mostly artificially imposed, but the orange and pink are definitely his fault. I edit images in Adobe Photoshop 7.

Original image. A layout concept.

This layout took me a long time to create because I wanted it to be something special and different. In the end, I think I mostly wound up doing the same thing over again, but I assure you the process was much longer and more difficult!

I'm continuing to experiment with the float property of CSS and uses of the :hover attribute outside of links. So, most things on this layout will either blink or are positioned in elaborate columns. I don't really know how else to comment on my coding, except to say that I try to use valid XHTML and eschew javascript as much due to laziness as standards compatibility.


Because it seems less like copyright infringement with one of these sections.

Character Shrines

Amends Kain Highwind FFIV
Black and White Nash Latkje Suikoden
Consequence Princess Zelda OoT
He Who Asks for Ruin Lezard Valeth VP

Libertine Reno FFVII
Lightbringer Cecil Harvey FFIV
Renaissance Locke Cole FFVI
Sterling Chris Lightfellow Suikoden
Veracity Laguna Loire FFVIII