There's no school like the old school;

Welcome to Old School, a webring devoted to classic RPGs. There are many webrings around for various chapters of the Final Fantasy franchise, but if you like your games with pixels instead of polygons, you're out of luck- until now! I for one have been quite frustrated, since the "FF Classics" ring went down, and never being one to sit around and complain (at least, for very long) I created this webring. Have you got a site dedicated to a somewhat venerable game? Then feel free to join this ring!


They're more like guidelines, really;

Number One. For the purposes of this ring, I consider "old school" to mean pre-Playstation. So, anything SNES or before. This includes games like Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy VI (III us), and Chrono Trigger.

Number Two. Your site must be dedicated to some aspect of an old school RPG. It can be a character shrine, fanlisting, clique, general info site, whatever, it just has to relate to the game.

Number Three. Keep the code in an easy to find spot. I don't care if you edit the code to match your other webrings, but it has to vaguely resemble a code. You will be emailed a code after joining.

Number Four. This is about remembering the good old days, not being website elitists, but if I cannot view your site or it crashes my browser, then I probably won't add you.


The Spoony Bard Society;

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Back in our day, you didn't need limits;

Currently we have 16 sites in the ring!

16. Black Dream
A shrine to Princess Schala from Chrono Trigger.

15. Two Worlds, One Destiny: A Locke and Celes Shrine
The first (and thus far only) couple shrine to Locke and Celes of Final Fantasy VI!

14. Mister Vain
Shrine and fanlisting for Dekar from Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (one of the last RPGs for the SNES, I believe).

13. The Final Fantasy 6 Comic
The site name pretty much says it all. This is my attempt to retell the story of FF6 in comic form. The pages are all hand drawn, so it's not a sprite comic. Updates weekly. Hope it's old school enough. :)

12. Trust Your Heart
A dedication to Terra Branford, the loveless amnesiac of FFVI.

11. Somewhere Only We Know
A pretty large shrine to Sabin Figaro from Final Fantasy VI.

10. Perfect Disguise
A fairly large tribute dedicated to FFVI's resident assassin, Shadow. It doubles as the TFL-approved fanlisting.

9. Lightbringer
A small site dedicated to Cecil Harvey, the hero and protagonist of Final Fantasy IV.

8. Outshined
A large tribute to everyone's favorite chivalrous frog from Chrono Trigger!

7. Mind Riot
A small dedication to Queen Zeal of Chrono Trigger.

6. Marauder
A mid-sized tribute to everyone's favorite treasure hunter from FFVI, Locke Cole!

5. Gungnir
A small shrine and fanlisting for Kain of Final Fantasy IV.

4. Blackjack
A small (but growing!) tribute to Final Fantasy VI's Setzer Gabbiani.

3. Streaks of Day
Streaks is a new and growing fanlisting and fansite to Final Fantasy IV.

2. Amends
Amends is a small shrine to Kain, the cold and silent Dragon Knight of Final Fantasy IV.

1. Renaissance
Renaissance is a large and long running site dedicated to Locke Cole, the dashing rogue from Final Fantasy VI.

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The Spoony Bard Society;

This site was mainly created because I wanted another webring to fill up my "joined" pages. There used to be a webring run by Alex of jowy.net, with much the same purpose, but as it's been gone for quite a while, I don't feel bad about this one. It features Tellah of Final Fantasy IV, because he's old, mainly. The Amano art was scanned by Emma, and can be found at Streaks of Day. The ring itself is powered by a webring script found at Usr/Bin/Mom.