God save the King.

Chrono Series

Time travelling- now with more chivalrous frogs.

Final Fantasy V

I see you your crystals and raise you one pirate princess!

Final Fantasy VIII

Seifer totally owns you lamers.

Final Fantasy XII

Because nothing spells awesome like a sky pirate with rainbow rings!

Kingdom Hearts

See Final Fantasy VIII, add more Goofy.

Star Ocean

Albel scares me.

Tales of Series

Wonder Chef for best NPC ever!

Devil May Cry

Okay, the fact that their names are Dante and Vergil still kills me.

Final Fantasy VI

This is my favorite game of all time.

Final Fantasy IX

Monkey boy, princess, and final boss from nowhere.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Don't blame us, blame yourself or Square.

Grandia Series

But Melfice, what are you wearing?!

The Legend of Zelda

Courage, wisdom, power, and men in tights!


In which our hero says "..."

Xeno Series

My God is your giant robot.

Final Fantasy IV

Because those spoony bards need some lovin, too.

Final Fantasy VII

Was this the face that launch'd a thousand sequels?

Final Fantasy X

Well, uh, I think the graphics are pretty?

Resident Evil

The zombies will improve your language skills!

Vagrant Story

The hart, the hunter, and the hair.

Valkyrie Profile

Your pantheon now belongs to Harry Potter.


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This is my endgame.

Endgame is a giant list of gaming sites. It is here because I like shrines and I like linking to them and I also like not having to repeat myself. Therefore, I use this as a link portal for all my gaming sites.

This layout features Delita Heiral (that's what the kids are calling him these days) of Final Fantasy Tactics. At Endgame, I'm trying to set a theme with villains, final bosses, or just plain old crafty bastards. I set a pretty high bar with Lezard Valeth, who is all three of these things. Delita's just one or two, depending on your viewpoint, but he is the crafty bastard. Long live the King.