Oh my hero, so far away now

Is devotion to others a cover for the hungers and the needs of the self, of which one is ashamed? I was always ashamed to take. So I gave. It was not virtue. It was a disguise. - Anais Nin

Oh dear and unfortunate reader, you've stumbled upon Renaissance, my tribute/shrine/obsession-thing dedicated to Locke Cole of Final Fantasy VI. He's cool, he's hip, he comes with the requisite Amano eyeliner and Squaresoft brand bucket o' depressing dark past. But unlike most of that immaculately-coiffed breed, he doesn't let his personal woes dominate the game. And unlike most stupid heroes, he has a reason to be heroic. I've got this pesky conviction that this crude bunch of pixels has more heart than anything else I've seen in a videogame, both sides of 1994. This site? Is where I try to prove it.

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This site is basically dedicated to bringing you all that I can make up about that gallant treasure hunter. I try to make things comprehensible to those of you who arent familiar with the wondrous Final Fantasy VI, but I'm afraid Ive got to ruin the ending. Beware of spoilers!

N.B. I"m in no way affiliated with the artists formerly known as Square, or anyone save my sad little self, for that matter. Navigation is to the left. So what are you waiting for? Lets mosey.