Limit breaks?!

Little known fact: Final Fantasy VI has limit breaks. Or at least an obvious precurser. Desperation attacks have a 1/16th chance of happening when a character selects "attack" from the menu when at low health. (Basically, if the character is crouching.) Desperation attacks are magical, defense ignoring, and perfectly accurate. And they also have special animations depending on the character. You can't get them in the first twenty-five seconds of the game. They're meant to simulate a last resort.


Locke's desperation attack is called Mirager, and it's actually sliiiigtly less powerful than the rest of the desperation attacks. He basically leaps up and little pink Lockes fade behind him, and then the screen goes white and he attacks for massive damage. Nothing too spectacular, but it can be a godsend if it kicks in at the last moment.

Yeah, this is the shortest section in this shrine. I was gonna have this as a coda on the strategy section, but that was already too long.