Treasure Hunter and Well Worn Traveller

I have a distressing amount of Final Fantasy VI stuff with Locke's profile.

Locke Name: Locke Cole (ロック)
DOB: November 24 (He's 25)
Height: 5'9" (175cm)
Weight: 147 lbs (67kg)

That's the stuff that's in any kind of profile worth it's salt. The handbook, the strategy guide, that kind of thing. Now, in the Japanese artbook, more is revealed!

Blood Type: O
Treasure: Bandanna
Likes: Maps
Dislkies: Mushrooms
Hobbies: Napping in fields

This is what one of my strategy guides has to say:

Profile: Locke plays the suave adventurer and proclaims himself to be a treasure hunter, but others regard him as a theif. But his past is not without pain and tragedy. His skills at appropriating items will save your party money and effort. He remains a constant and true companion through most of your journey.

And here is another one!

Locke is a Treasure Hunter (a.k.a. a thief). He possesses greater dexterity and speed than other characters but never really learns to pack much of a punch. However, his skills as a Treasure Hunter make him a valuable asset throughout the game.

So there you have it. Locke is, if you hadn't guessed, filling in the "thief" role that's been filled by characters like Zidane and Rikku. Basically, this means he's a quick fighter, not a particularly strong one. The steal skill can be very handy or not very useful, depending on your equipment and how often you use it- but I think it's important to note that none of the game's best items are obtainable without Locke. His stats are well-rounded, and added together, his starting numbers are the third highest in the game- after Sabin and Shadow. His best stat, speed, is the game's highest- and also the hardest to improve, while his worst stat, magic, is fairly easy to remidy if you so desire. However, most would agree that Locke was meant more for melee combat and backrow attacks than magic use.