Final Fantasy VI on your PC

I decided to offer an emulated PC version of Final Fantasy VI, for people like myself who own the game thrice over and want a rom for screencapping purposes, and for people who haven't played it and would like to see the first scene or so. Final Fantasy VI is easier than ever to find, with the recent port to Game Boy Advance. If you don't have an SNES, Final Fantasy VI was also ported to Playstation a few years ago, and that version contains some bonus FMVs. You can find it in Final Fantasy Anthology or packaged by itself in Europe. The version I have for download is the original SNES American release, which in some ways is the best, and some ways the worst.

Final Fantasy III The official American release of Final Fantasy VI.

ZSNES An emulator upon which to play these games.

Please don't email asking for help with the emulators. I got them to work a few years ago on my PC, but I'm on a Mac now and wouldn't be useful in the least.