Fan Fiction

The story continues?

One of the newer sections to Renaissance, this one houses fan-written fiction. Like most of these fan media pages, uh, it mostly hosts my personal Locke related work. Also like most of these fan media pages, it's not very good. But we're used to this warning by now and you're either going to read the stories or not. These blurbs topwise are just to provide filler space anyway.

If you have Locke fanfiction you'd like included here, feel free to email me. Don't be fooled by the Locke/Celes in my own writing, I like pretty much all pairings involving Locke, and genfic is even better.

I'm posting these in the chronological order in which they occur, not the order in which they were written. Also, all the fanfic is in a different, easier-to-read format, so you might want to be opening in a new window or tab or whatever. Just a head's up!

The Valiant Knife

(1822 words) A year after the fall of Kefka, Locke encounters another damsel in distress. This story gives a few glimpses into Locke's past and one into his future. His is a dangerous chivalry. Read it?


(1535 words) Takes place about three hours after The Valiant Knife. It's mostly a look into the Locke/Celes relationship and the problems it faces. As such, it's my most explicitly Locke/Celes story. That said, I'm a fan of their issues more than their love, but this is a happy story. Read it?


(2580 words) This one's a bit difference. It's told from the point of view of an unnamed narrator, a century or so after the events of Final Fantasy VI. She doesn't know much about Kefka or magicite, but once upon a time she had a next door neighbor who told a story about a girl named Rachel... Read it?


To supplement this section, I thought I'd link some good Locke-centric fanfic that I found at By no means a comprehensive list, it's quite difficult to search through archives for specific characters.

The Treasure Hunter by Annie Felis - A fun retelling of Locke and Edgar's first meeting. I love the way these two interact.

Royal Counsel by Adara - Edgar and Locke discuss politics. Banter ensues. Could be read as Locke/Edgar.

Uncomfortable Silences by Lassarina Aoibhell - Locke and Celes (and some bonus Setzer) talk after the conclusion of the Phoenix Arc. Locke/Celes, very true to character.

Sweetness Follows by Lirillith - Terra and Locke talk about feelings on the deck of an airship. Neither is cold. Shades of Locke/Terra.