As much Locke as Mr. Amano cares to draw

First things first: this isn't a Final Fantasy VII site. There is no compilation, the one Full Motion Video sequence was tacked on several years after the fact, Locke has no Kingdom Hearts cameo-- the game is played out entirely with sprites. The character designer for the first through the sixth (as well as the ninth!) Final Fantasy games was a certain Yoshitaka Amano. I'm a huge fan of his work, both related to the series and otherwise, but it's a very strange, distinctive style that one probably doesn't associate with videogames straight-off.

This said, there is art for Final Fantasy VI, and much of it is beautiful. In this gallery you will find much of Amano's art, a postcard commissioned by Square-Enix for the tenth anniversary of Final Fantasy VI, some screencaps and concept art from the lately added FMV sequence, and shots and scans from the Final Fantasy SGI demo. Much thanks to Gabriella, Emma and Alex for their donations to this gallery.

And if you're wondering why the FMV gallery features things like Locke's shadow, Locke's hands, the back of Locke's head, it's because they don't show anything else.

Official Art:
Amano Chibi Amano Chibi 2 Amano art Locke in neutrals! Same picture, but more of it. Doesn't he know not to mix primaries? Final Fantasy VI Advance group shot. Commemorative postcard by the designer of Crystal Chonicles. Superdeformed!

FMV Stuff:
The back of Locke's head! Locke's hands! Locke's shadow! Locke's hands! The back of Locke's head! Unfocused Locke blob! Concept art of the back of Locke's head. Concept art of Locke's shadow!. Concept art of unfocused Locke-shaped blob!

SGI Final Fantasy VI Demo:
SGI Demo shots. SGI Demo shots. SGI Demo shots. SGI Demo shots. SGI Demo renders. SGI Demo scans. SGI Demo scans.