Oh my hero, so far away now

Final Fantasy VI is an opera. Or at least, it's been composed in the style of Wagner, the soundtrack a medley of character themes (or leitmotifs) that all come together and drift apart at appropriate points in the story. It is exactly the sort of soundtrack a game like Final Fantasy VI, about relationships and love of all kinds, should have. It's soundtrack is certainly one of Uematsu's more valiant efforts, and was named the all-time best Video Game Soundtrack in a GameSpot reader's poll.

Locke's theme is upbeat and heroic-- very Indiana Jones. It also reappears in a minor arrangement entitled Forever Rachel. Finally, it resurfaces again, brighter than ever, in the game's grand finale, played alongside Celes' more delicate music. (This is my favorite moment in the soundtrack and in videogame music period!) I've included an orchestrated version of the opera as a bonus.

If you're interested in the lyrics to the opera and their various translations, I'm working on creating a facing line version of a few of the more famous. However, in all incarnations it's remarkably cheesy and dripping with sap at every line. Most fans don't really care.