I love these people and you should too.

If you want to affiliate with me, don't hesitate to email me. I love email and I love affiliates. Basically, if you have a Final Fantasy VI site, with some decent amount of content and layout, I will probably affiliate with you. I'm debating whether or not to accept non-FFVI affiliates, but if you think your site's so awesome you can convince me, especially if it's pre-FF7, you're welcome to try.

Marauder Marauder is a Locke shrine that's changed ownership a few times in the past year or so, but it's been uploaded much more consistantly than this one. Now back under the watchful eye of Alex, it has lots of engaging content, high quality scans, and it's about Locke, for cryin' out loud, so you pretty much have to visit it. Alex has covered some stuff that I'm too lazy to attempt, and like all of her sites this is thourough and informative.

Lost Dreams Lost Dreams is the Terra fansite and fanlisting of yet another Alex. (Best name ever, what can I say?) It's a lovely fanlist to the ever-inspiring Terra Branford, and you can find the beginnings of what promises to be a beautiful tribute to the half-esper beauty. If you're a Terra fan, and you should be, drop by and sign yourself up.

Blackjack Blackjack is a brand new and long awaited shrine to Setzer. Alexis clearly loves the character and has done a wonderful job putting together information about the wandering gambler. You can even find some information on his dreaded Kingdom Hearts cameo. But honestly, who wants to see that?

Perfect Disguise Perfect Disguise is a new shrine/fanlisting for Final Fantasy VI's resident ninja, Shadow. Alex always does an excellent job on her shrines, but you can tell that this was really a labor of love. There's so much she found to explore about this enigmatic character, I can't reccommend it highly enough.

Trust Your Heart Trust Your Heart is a heart-stoppingly beautiful Terra shrine created by Aery. When you visit, you'll probably be floored by the layout, which features the webmistress's wonderful fanart, but the written content more than matches the sparkling facade. She covers aspects of Terra's character I hadn't even thought of, and I think you can tell I think about Final Fantasy VI too much.

Wanderer Wanderer is a Todd's Sabin shrine. It probably doesn't come out here, but Sabin's generally been my least-favorite character in my favorite game. But reading through Todd's well-crafted shrine has gotten me to look at Sabin in a new light, and I'm rather fond of him now. That's just about the highest praise I can give.