Frequently Asked

The first is a bit of an exaggeration

Requisite FAQ page, to arms! If you've got a question, make sure it isn't here before emailing me.

Where do you get your information? How do I know you're telling the truth?
Hey, thirteen years of obsessive fangirling can't be wrong! Oh wait. Seriously, though, I've spent many years of my life scouring guides and websites trying to learn more about Locke. Most of the factual information I've gathered is factual, and not hard to find if you dig a little. The analytical information is far more opinion based, more my thoughts on a subject than anything else. They're submitted here for your consideration, as something to think about, rather than absolute canon law.

Information for this site comes mainly from a decade of gameplay. I have both the Final Fantasy III SNES cartridge and the rerelased Final Fantasy Anthology for playstation, as well as Final Fantasy VI Advance. Likewise, I have both the official Final Fantasy III strategy guide and the Final Fantasy Anthology one, from both of which I've borrowed much of my game play information. I quote the script mainly from that at gamefaqs. When I quote the Japanese version, I am using this thread or this translation. Frankly, I know more Ancient Greek than Japanese.

Generally I give credit to outside sources on their respective pages. The information on John Locke I've gleaned from a couple years of informal interest and a reading of Two Treatises on Government. I have the Everyman's edition, and the introduction is pretty helpful. (Read: I really did no work and just paraphrased.) Other literary quotations are from various sorces, but check out The Quote Garden if that's your thing.

Can I use the images provided in the gallery to my own devious ends?
That's generally what I provide them for. I'd love to see them used in icons, layouts, and all sorts of artistic endeavors. I'm alright with you using the images I've created in your own gallery, but some of the artwork was scanned specifically for this shrine, and out of respect for the scanner, I'd like for it not to be taken for any other web gallery. Other than that, it's all good.

What about the written content? Can I use that?
Uh, if you take my ideas, what does this site have left? Actually, I'm pretty lenient about this too, I'm welcome to discussion between shrines or commentary or uotation. Just please don't duplicate this exactly without my permission.

Hey, can we be affiliates?
I would like to be really picky about affiliation for this site, but the lack of Final Fantasy VI sites makes that hard. But I have affiliates that I love already, so I think I'll go back to being picky. So, uh, if you have a Final Fantasy VI shrine of a high caliber, I'd basically love to.

I love you and want to send you e-chocolates! How can I?
My email is both plastered all over this site and here. There's also a few other methods listed at this page.