Nash Latkje


Black and White- a Nash Latkje Fansite

"Adults have their reasons. You children who see the world in black and white will learn soon enough about shades of grey."

Hi kids! This is Black and White, a small tribute to Nash Clovis/Latkje/Whatever of the Suikoden series of games. His primary appearance as far as we English speaking peoples are concerned is in Suikoden III, but Nash is also the protagonist of the Japan-only Suikogaiden games. (He has a special secret cameo in Suikoden II.) Both games will be spoiled by this site, with no warning except for this one. Beware!

Saigo Grayscale In the Fade Emotion

I recently came into a fanlisting (crosslisted!) for a certain Harmonian spy, and so this site serves as a place where you too can declare your love for this infamous skirt-chaser.