Death, Romance, and Spoony Bards;

Let me start by saying that I've always wanted a collective you could get lost in. This is a horrible thing from a design standpoint, from a marketing standpoint, from a you-the-viewers standpoint, from pretty much any standpoint but the stubborn romantic little girl one. Guess which holds the most weight around here?

As advertised, this is a gaming domain. I like Japanese RPGs and am very dorky and fangirl Laguna Loire on a regular basis. This said, this domain seems to focus on games nobody cares about but me. Lemme put it this way: I named the domain for a Final Fantasy VI weapon, and it only goes downhill from there. I guess there's always Libertine.

Most of my website effort goes into creating character shrines. They're my favorite sort of site at the moment, because they offer a really nice bridge between the personal and the fandom. There are so many forms the shrine can take, from oh-god-the-detail to a simple collection of essays. When I make a shrine, I try to make it suit the character's personality. This explains why some of my shrines are upstanding members of society and some are made of retarded.

I have fanlistings too! I just make them live in the cupboard under the stairs.

In other news, I am trying to come up with a good trendy alternate network name. Like "The Wispering Divine Network" or something equally trite. I know, I know, these things are lame and have no purpose, but this has never stopped me from doing anything before! Currently this place is defaulting to the Nine Bright Shiners network because I'm too lazy to change all my footers, but here are some propsed replacements.

  • The Death and Romance Network - Too melodramatic, even for me!
  • The THAT'S TREASURE HUNTER, DAMMIT Network - Not even a real quote :(
  • The Semantic Nonsense Network - A real quote! Suggested by Kristel :D
  • The Alex Has Too Much Free Time Network - Too depressingly true.

In the mean time I refer to this place as The Valiant Knife. Because I'm that kind of pretentious jerkface.

P.S. For actual network content, there are, like, links on the left. Godspeed.

Character Shrines

Amends Kain Highwind FFIV
Black and White Nash Latkje Suikoden
Consequence Princess Zelda OoT
He Who Asks for Ruin Lezard Valeth VP

Libertine Reno FFVII
Lightbringer Cecil Harvey FFIV
Renaissance Locke Cole FFVI
Sterling Chris Lightfellow Suikoden
Veracity Laguna Loire FFVIII