Off with the veils that hid the fresh young bride;

I love legends, and I have a fair bit of respect for fairy tales. This is why I love Ocarina of Time: it is a game that really felt like an epic. I love all the games in the series, at least, the ones that I've played, but Ocarina of Time is perhaps the most legendary. And it has complicated heroine encompasses both tragedy and triumph. One who happens to be secretly a ninja!

Consequence Zelda.

Consequence: Princess Zelda, Ocarina of Time
What: Too many words.
Status: Should probably revise at some point.

Consequence is probably my most word-heavy site, and it's also one of my oldest. The two have a lot to do with each other. I'm not as inclined now as I was once to create expansive and pretentious ramblings. Now I deal more with half-finished snark-fests. Kind of a pity, isn't it? I was really proud when I finished this, and I still am.

Character Shrines

Amends Kain Highwind FFIV
Black and White Nash Latkje Suikoden
Consequence Princess Zelda OoT
He Who Asks for Ruin Lezard Valeth VP

Libertine Reno FFVII
Lightbringer Cecil Harvey FFIV
Renaissance Locke Cole FFVI
Sterling Chris Lightfellow Suikoden
Veracity Laguna Loire FFVIII