He who asks for ruin

I am he who hath entrusted his soul to the eternal vortex of time;

So. Picture Harry Potter. Goes to a magic school. Glasses. Searching for secrets that will lead him to the Philosopher's Stone. Got it? Now, imagine that Harry got kicked out of Hogwarts for dealing in the darker arts. Imagine that instead of keeping the Philosopher's Stone away from Voldemort, Harry wants to use it to become a god. Imagine he succeeds. And now imagine him in love with an impossibly beautiful virgin goddess forever out of his reach. Welcome to awesome, population: Lezard Valeth.

He Who Asks For Ruin Lezard.

He Who Asks For Ruin: Lezard Valeth, Valkyrie Profile
What: Fanlist/Eventual shrine thing?
Status: Co-run with Chloe. Fear.

Lezard's my favorite video game villain. I think most of the time, games focus on creating a sympathetic villain by giving him a sob-story for a background and an annoying tendancy to angst. That doesn't do it for me. But Lezard, while not exactly sympathetic, is heart-wrenchingly human. He exists in a game full of gods, vampire lords, and the souls of the fallen valient, but he's just on an insane quest for some tail. And for all his grand talk and his sheer brilliance, it all comes back to his humanity.

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