I prefer the term treasure hunter;

Let's be honest: Locke is the reason this domain exists. Everyone is allowed on creepy obsession, and the 16-bit treasure hunter is mine to embarrassing degrees. I sort of fell into rabid fangirling at the age of nine, and I have yet to fall out of it. But it's a testament to Locke that he's just as appealing to me now as he was then. At first I loved him for the all ways that he is a hero, now I love him for the reasons he isn't.

Renaissance. Locke.

Renaissance: Locke Cole, Final Fantasy VI
Status: In an embarrassing state of disrepair.

This aims to be one of those shrines that defines what a shrine should be. Monstrous, horrifically in-depth, and more than a little scary. Unfortunately I'm still in the middle of a revamp and it instead a mess of broken links. It is, however, my ultimate top triple secret priority, and one of these days it shall again rise from the ashes, proving just how much of a sad fangirl I am.

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