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Then off with the veils that hid the fresh young bride- we will see the truth. Flare up once more, my oracle! Clear and sharp as the wind that blows towards the rising sun, I can feel a deeper swell now, gathering head to break at last and bring the dawn of grief. - Aescylus, Agamemnon

Truth or Consequence

Welcome to Consequence, my little corner of the web dedicated to the enigmatic Princess of Hyrule. "But wait," you may be thinking, "Isn't Zelda the ultimate Damsel in Distress? Why would someone make a shrine to her?" Contrary to the popular interpretation of the character, I find Zelda to be one of the strongest females in gaming, trading in big guns and bigger boobs for actual power and intelligence. This site is my way of proving it.

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This site focuses on Ocarina of Time, and I give away the ending left and right. Don't browse if you're concerned about spoilers, this game's been out for far too long for me to keep secrets about it. It focuses mainly on information, and has a lot of written content. I prefer myths to media, but I do have something of a media subsection. Updates can be found here.