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First off, I dislike Kalibarians and so refuse to copy and paste their name analysis in here. The name Zelda is of uncertain origin- it comes from either a Yiddish word for luck or is a shortening of the Germanic "Griselda" which comes from the words for grey and battle. This was the name of a patient wife in tales by Boccaccio and Chaucer. Zelda Fitzgerald's mother took it from a romance novel, and the creators of the Zelda series took it from Zelda Fitzgerald.

The point of the name Zelda, from what I can gather, is that it's meant to be at once exotic and strong. It has a ring of authority to it, more so than most names ending in a. I don't know, the "El" sound just makes a strong name for me, like in Eleanor or Elizabeth. The other thing is, of course, the connection to Zelda Fitzgerald- an at once powerful and fragile woman. Though the parallels aren't obvious, the choice makes sense in several ways. Though Zelda was an incredible talent and personage in her own right, she needed resucing. It's just that her Prince Charming couldn't save her.