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AAAAHH! Where did that come from? Why am I hit? What is that sound of DEATH? - My friend, playing against Sheik's needles

Super Smash Bros. Melee

You can start with Sheik by selecting Zelda and pressing down and A as the screen loads. This doesn't work if you have the stage on random select. Anyway, Sheik's a quick but weak fighter whose strength is in her aerial attacks and ability to combo.

Sheik's unique moves are make her seem like a sort of desert assassin. Yay?

Vanish (up+B) : Impa's taught Zelda well, it would appear. Sheik throws a smoke bomb and teleports a medium distance. This won't take you as far as Farore's Wind, but it's also more difficult to overshoot with this move. People near the smoke will catch on fire and take a small amount of damage.

Chain (forward+B) : This is one of Sheik's worst attacks, because it takes so much time to execute properly, and once someone hits you the chain goes away. But it's nice for the novelty, I suppose, and some people don't expect it/know how to deal with it. The chain goes out a medium distance in front of Sheik and then a short distance behind her. It has an electric tip, and you can keep the chain out and shake it in all sorts of ways by holding b and manipulating the control stick. It's alright for edge guarding, and pulling out the chain in mid-air will slow your fall for a moment.

Needle Storm (neutral B) : I LOVE this attack. Sheik charges needles which give 3% damage each, the maximum amount of needles being six, giving us a grand total of 18% damage, which is decent. The needles stagger, that is, if one is blocked, the rest will still go through, and they stop projectiles when they contact. They have a decent but not great range. But they're really hard to dodge, simply because they're near invisible. The only way to tell if needles are coming your way is the sound Sheik makes when throwing them. Plus, people tend to underestimate the needles, and not even try to block them. You can keep the needles you've stored by pressing Z while charging.

Sheik's strength lies in her speed, and the fact that most of her attacks have little lag and string together combos easily. She's great for juggling and superb one on one. However, she can't really handle multiple opponents at once, and she lacks the strong knock-out moves that Zelda has. The best way to knock someone out with Sheik is to hit them up- her up A smash is powerful when it hits right. (Try to get the blue star thing to connect with your opponent.) For this reason, Sheik excells against characters who rely on superior recovery abilities to make up for their light weight. Think anything cuddly and round. The other really strong KO move that Sheik has is her forward aerial. She slaps them hard and far and quick. Also, Sheik's pose is way better than Zelda's.