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Chronicles of Destiny

Here's a one sentence summary of the entire Zelda series. Link must save Hyrule, and then he does. If you want it slightly more in-depth, well, here you go:

The Legend of Zelda The game intro screen reads thus: "Many years ago Prince Darkness "Gannon" stole one of the Triforce with Power. Princess Zelda had one of the Triforce with Wisdom. She devided it into 8 units to hide it from "Gannon" before she was captured. Go find the 8 units Link to save her.

Adventure of Link (1988) Hyrule's in trouble. (How suprising!) Long ago, it was ruled wisely by a king who used the Triforce. However, when the king passed away, his son inherited the rule of the kingdom, but not all of the triforce. The king, wiley fellow that he was, had hidden the Triforce of Courage in the Valley of Death (happy geography they have). Unfortunately, the prince can not find it. Then, an evil magician came to the kingdom and revealed that the king had revealed something about the Triforce to the prince's younger sister Zelda. The prince hired the wizard to get the information out of Zelda. Well, Zelda wouldn't talk, and the magician went too far, so the prince and the magician fought, which resulted in the magician suffering and Zelda reduced to a deep sleep from which she might never awaken. The prince, in his grief, declared that all princesses of Hyrule would be named Zelda out of remembrance for this tragedy. The king, it turned out, had willed it so that when a worthy lad came along, he would have a strange mark on his hand, and would be able to find the Triforce of Courage. Uniting the Triforce would awaken Zelda! Unfortunately, Ganon's minions are still about, and they need the blood of Link to revive him. (Shades of Harry Potter, non?) Incidently, some speculate that the Zelda of this epic is also the Zelda of Ocarina of Time.

A Link to the Past (1992) One night, a girl's voice awakens you from your sleep.
Help me...My name is Zelda...I am in the castle dungeon.
She telepathically pleads. You jump out of your bed not knowing whether the voice was part of a dream or reality. Upon leaving your bed, you find your uncle, who should be fast asleep at this time, preparing to go out, girded for battle.
"I'll be back by morning." he says as he departs, "Don't leave the house!"
You watch him leave with the family sword in hand and shield on arm. This is a night like no other. Who is Zelda? Where had your uncle gone and for what reason?
(It turns out that Link is the last descendent of the Royal Gaurds and that Zelda's in trouble. Link has to romp around Hyrule saving maidens (in a light and shadow world) before finally rescuing Zelda.)

Link's Awakening (1993) Link decides he wants to go on a great big adventure after fighting and defeating Ganon. So he goes out and manages to get shipwrecked. But luckily, a woman who looks and sounds and awful lot like Zelda is there to help Link recover. Of course, now Link has to awaken something called the Wind Fish, thanks to some idiot owl who hoots out a riddle as Link passes by.

Ocarina of Time (1998) Link has grown up in the Kokiri village as the boy without a fairy. How sad for him. However, the great tree tells him that he's destined for great things, and that he should venture outside of Hyrule and meet this Princess Zelda, who might have something to do with this strange dream of his. He ventures out, meets the princess, who tells him to get these precious stones and unlock the Master Sword. He does but is then put in a coma for 7 years until he is ready to become the Hero of Time and the protector of the kingdom, which has gone way downhill in his abscense.

Majora's Mask (1998) Again, after Zelda had been resuced and Ganondorf defeated, Link goes off on another adventure, looking for his "friend". What he finds is a Skull Kid who turns him into a Deku Scrub. He then must save Termina from having the (suprisingly evil looking) moon come crashing into the planet and destroying this. There's a catch: he has to do it in 3 days. So, there's a lot of time traveling, a lot of form changing, but in the end, Link is victorious.

The Wind Waker (2003) Hyrule has been destroyed, and now the world is populated by island dwellers. Still, the people remember a legend about a boy called the Hero of Time, and so the inhabitants of a certain island dress their sons in green when they come of age. On this special day Link's sister, Aryll, is captured by an ominous black bird, and he decides to leave with the pirate Tetra, bent on rescuing her. Along the way they discover lost secrets of Hyrule and a terrible evil reborn.