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Grace DoubleNegative

Too Much a Fairy Tale

First off, I will admit candidly that LinkxZelda is not canon in the strictest sense. There's no real information in support of this (or any) couple in the game. We aren't privy to Zelda's feelings about Link nor much of Link's feelings at all.

But in the sense of the larger cannon, a romance between Link and Zelda is unavoidable. The idea of the hero saving the princess is at the core of the Zelda series- twisty and turny though it may be. And in the old fairy-tales, the hero always gets the girl. That's the way it works and that's the fundamental premise of my attachment to this couple. It just seems something that is.

There are immense links between Link and Zelda at a fundamental spiritual level. As they are both on a crusade to rid the world of evil- the triforce recognizes this bond. And Link spends the last half of the game searching for the princess- a dedication he shows to no one else, save perhaps Hyrule herself. I mean, sure, Link's job is rescuing, he's the Hero of Time and all. But to me, hopeless as I am, it's hard to see such a search without a tinge of the romantic element. The tragedy comes when he looks for so long and has for so short.

I like the Malon pairing, it just doesn't have the same sense of the epic as the Zelda pairing does. With her (and I do think it's very possible Link settles down with her eventually, although he could settle down with Zelda I suppose, depending on how much they remember of eachother.) But in the game, I see it as the whole heroic courtly love thing. "To love pure and chaste from afar." And the fact that so much of the game revolves around her enigmatic personage- the game closes on Link meeting Zelda again. There's just more of a sense of right to me about this couple than any other.