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This Song Reminds me of Us

Ocarina of Time is just one of those games universal in the vocabulary of all who would refer to themselves as gamers. It is a simple story with a few unexpected complexities, grounded in rock-solid gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a fantastic soundtrack.

Ocarina of Time was the first Zelda game to be released in 3d, and so at first people were skeptical, but when it was released it was hailed with universal acclaim. It got Weekly Famitsu's (a notable Japanese gaming magazine) first ever perfect score. It's a game that everyone can play and enjoy, from my 17 year old brother to my 67 year old grandmother.

The story centers around Link, your archetypical elven hero, who must venture forth out of his forest homeland to seek a princess and save the world. He and Zelda concoct a plot to stop the evil Ganondorf from taking over the promised land. However, the plot fails and Ganondorf turns Hyrule into his evil kingdom. Link is put to sleep for seven years so that when he wakes he will be inherit his title as the Hero of Time.

When he does wake up, Zelda is no where to be found, hiding from Ganondorf's evil in this new harsh world he has created. Instead, a mysterious warrior named Sheik greets Link and guides him throughout his quest to find and awaken the six sages. With their power collected, he can finally defeat Ganondorf. It is not until after finding the sages that Sheik reveals himself as the Seventh, destined to rule over all, none other than the princess herself. What ensues is another battle to save Hyrule, where the day is eventually saved. Zelda sends Link back to his own time, and he lives to see another adventure.