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Grace DoubleNegative

A Pretty Tragedy

I don't think that Zelda and Link have some sort of offscreen romance- I don't think that anything more happened between them than what we saw in the course of Ocarina of Time. I'm more inclined to believe that their love was something unspoken but deeply felt, although perhaps in not such a corny manner as that sentence implied.

Miyamoto has hinted that the relationship between Link and Zelda didn't happen because Navi was jealous. Well, I dislike Navi, and that gives me another reason to, but I think it's more than that. I wouldn't want The Legend of Zelda to turn into Final Fantasy VIII. I like my romances subtle and I think the relationship is more touching because it never happened. (I am a Romantic with a capital R.)

Clearly, both Link and Zelda are so dedicated to Hyrule that they have no time for another mistress. Link's duty is to saving the world, Zelda's is to saving her people. Still, this duty runs deeper in them than any sort of love which hasn't even ever been spoken aloud, much less acted upon. Zelda remains in disguise for most of the second half of the game, even though she would like to reveal herself to Link. In the same spirit, I think she would sacrifice anything if she convinced herself it was for the good of Hyrule.

Or for the good of Link. When Zelda sends Link back to his own time so that he can have a childhood and grow up properly, my understanding is that she never sees him again. In that way, she sacrifices her own happiness and saftey for his, and what is more loving than that? I tend towards the parallel timeline theory, wherein there are two Zeldas: past and future, and that Windwaker was in the second timeline. Whatever you believe, Zelda in one form or another must have married in order to pass the Triforce down the family line. (See: Windwaker.) I don't think she married Link- I think she married for politics and policy, not for love.