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Super Smash Bros. Melee

Zelda appears in SSBM, as a playable combatant. She is slow but powerful, and her primary offence is her strong magic. She can also transform into Sheik by pressing Down+B. Most of Zelda's attacks involve her zapping enemies in one way or another.

Zelda's unique moves (those attached to the B button) are familiar to anyone who'se played Ocarina of time.

Farore's Wind (up+B) : This is Zelda's recovery move. She twirls around in a green spiral and then reappears on the other side of the battlefield. This takes you very far, so it's possible to miss the stage. Also, it does a slight amount of damage to your enemy if they are right next to you when you begin to teleport. (If the circumstances are right, it makes for a good kill-steal if you want to play dirty.)

Din's Fire (forward+B) : This is Zelda's long range attack. You have to press and hold the B button for the little fireball to get very far, but you can control it's direction by pressing the direction stick up or down. It does 15% fire damage, and the blast has a slight delay. Unforunately, using this move leaves you open to attack, because it takes so long to execute.

Nayru's Love (neutral B) : Zelda is enveloped in a series of blue crystals. If you catch an enemy on the outside of this move, they're spun around rather painfully. All projectile attacks are reflected onto the shooter. Which is nice, especially if they don't see it coming. If someone throws a poke-ball and you sucessfully reflect it, it becomes yours. Also, this is a good crowd-clearing move, as it attacks from all sides and is relatively high priority.

I tend to use Zelda for 3 or 4 way battles. Sheik's awesome one on one, but the more players in a game, the more I'll tend to use Zelda, simply because speed isn't as much of an issue. Zelda's best attacks include her dash attack, which is decently high priority (as it's a dash attack). It's sort of a magical "push". Her up and side attacks are pretty decent, both the smash and non-smash variety, and her side aerial attack is awesome. Bascially, she concentrates a ball of magic off of her toe, and if you hit it right, it does 20% damage and pushes your enemy really far. Her down + A is one of her highest priority attacks, use it if you're cornered, as well as Nayru's Love. The basic Zelda strategy involves sniping from afar, dodging a whole lot, and attacking when someone's at reasonably high damage. She's pretty effective at knocking people out, if you know how to use her right.