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Allies and Affiliates

I'm very lucky to be affiliated with sites much grander, deeper, and more established than my own. These are some of my absolute favorite shrines ever, so go and look. If you want to affiliate with me, I like lots of written content and am an immense sucker for pretty layouts. You can always email me if you are interested.

Grace. Grace is Stacey-Anne's wonderful shrine to Zelda was a major inspiration in the construction of this one. Plus she, like, goaded me on about it during the construction phases of this site. She has some lovely media and lots and lots of great content- this site is definitely worth a visit if you love Zelda as much as I do or even if you don't.

DoubleNegative. DoubleNegative is Emi's brilliant shrine to Link, that hero eternal. Has lots of media, info, and humor to boot. If you ever wanted to know more about Link, or oogle over his man-prettiness, or just enjoy a quality shrine to a quality character, this shrine's a must-see. DN is the original Zelda character shrine, and still preeminent in the community, I was so honored when Emi asked to affiliate with me. So, go see it if you haven't already.