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Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the name? "Consequence" doesn't make any sense.
I thought of a lot of names, I really did. The problem was, most of them sucked. Names like "Princess" and "Pretty in Pink". So then, I decided, I would move on to the thesaurus. I was typing in things like "regal" and "important" and consequence came up. I thought it was about the best I could do, so, well, here we are.

Consequence (noun) con·se·quence
1 : something produced by a cause or necessarily following from a set of conditions
2 a : importance with respect to power to produce an effect : MOMENT b : social importance

I chose this originally for the second meaning, but as I thought about it more I came to see the importance of the first. Basically, Zelda's important. And her actions and their consequences result in the bitter-sweet ending of Ocarina of Time:

Thank you, Link.... Thanks to you, Ganondorf has been sealed inside the Evil Realm! Thus, peace will once again reign in this world... for a time. All the tragedy that has befallen Hyrule was my doing... I was so young... I could not comprehend the consequences of trying to control the Sacred Realm. I dragged you into it, too. Now it is time for me to make up for my mistakes... You must lay the Master Sword to rest and close the Door of Time... However, by doing this, the road between times will be closed....

I'll admit the name's a bit unorthodox, but I prefer it that way. This is an unorthodox shrine, and I think I picture a darker Zelda than most.

How long has this site been running for?
This is a very new shrine and has only been up since mid-April of 2005. I've been working on it since about October 2004, however.

Why does this site only focus on Ocarina of Time? Why not cover Zelda in the other games?
I think Zelda I is the quintessential Zelda, and Ocarina of Time has been my favorite game in the series since it came out. Also, in most of the other games, Zelda doesn't have such a large role, but with Ocarina of Time, there's a lot to discuss. I may consider expanding further in the future if I have enough time and Twilight Princess is as good as it promises to be. But anyway, this is a character shrine, not a general series information site, so I can talk about what I find interesting. I have expanded out into other games in some sections, it's basically a matter of what I feel confident talking about.

What's the policy with link exchanges/affiliation?
If you link me, sooner or later I will link you, but feel free to send me an email to speed up the process. This only applies for Zelda related sites, however- I want to keep my links list on topic :) As for affiliation, I'm not really looking right now, as I'm fine with a small number of affiliates, but if you feel you have a site up to the standard of my current affiliates I will probably affiliate with you.

Can I use the media you have in your gallery on my own site?
Of course, that's what it's there for. Take, modify, and redistribute as you please. The one exception is artwork made by private individuals other than myself, you'll have to ask their permision before redistributing their work.

Do you accept donations?
Are you kidding? I positively beg for donations. If you have any Zelda related media contributions, whether or not I have a section for them up right now, please email me and I'll be sure to post it here.

How can I contact you?

I'm generally happy to discuss this site with anyone, and take comments and suggestions as needed. If you'd like to get in touch, email is probably your best bet. Mine is (It's French for revenge. Not that I'm French, but I think we all know that oaths are best sworn in Romance languages.) If that's not good enough for you, other ways of contacting me can be found here.

You're wrong about *insert subject here*!
About 90% of this site is conjecture and opinion. That's one of the reasons the Zelda series is so intriguing, we can read into the characters as much as we like. If I've gotten something factually wrong, as in, "You said Zelda gave Link the Silver Arrows in LttP when really it was the Great Fairy" or I've a typo somewhere, feel free to tell me about it and send it in. But if you want to correct an opinion, I'm probably not going to listen. If you've got some information that I missed, or something to add to the discussion in a respectful manner, feel free to email me about it and I may add it to the site with proper credit.

Hey! Sheik's a male/female/ninja/antelope!
I've gotten so many rude comments about Sheik's gender I've kind of sworn off the entire topic. Nintendo has not been explicit either way (or rather, has been explicit both ways) and I don't think we'll ever know for sure. So stop pretending you do.

Do you hate Link?
Of course not! I like the Hero of Time as much as the next girl, fairy boys are just delightfully easy to make fun of is all. Really, how could one enjoy the Zelda series if one hated Link? And how could anyone hate Link anyway?

Do you hate Navi?