I love legends. I have a certain respect for fairy tales. And there’s no game series that embraces cyclical mythology quite like Legend of Zelda, because it’s the same story told over and over again, but different. Each new installment colors the previous games without replacing them, not as part of a complicated continuity, but a shared mythos. But that’s how you make a legend. You tell the same story over and over again. But different.

Ocarina of Time is probably my favorite installment of the series. I know that it has my favorite Zelda. There’s something revelatory about this incarnation— and not just that she gets most of her best lines incognito. This Zelda had secrets, and she had power, and she did not spend the whole game waiting simply to be rescued. And that was a revelation, because it meant that all those other times, those other princesses, those other castles, they might have had secrets too.

Consequence is probably my most word-heavy site, and it’s also one of my oldest. The two have a lot to do with each other. I’m not as inclined now as I was once to create expansive and pretentious ramblings. Now I deal more with half-finished snark-fests. Kind of a pity, isn’t it? I was really proud when I finished this, and I still am, though, I feel like I should maybe update.

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