Laguna Loire

The Hero and the Man Complete

Name: Laguna Loire
Age: 27
Birthday: January 3
Blood Type: B
Weapon: Machine Gun
Limit Break: Desperado

Laguna is an energetic man witha big heart. Although a bit of a klutz, he's a strong leader who inspires a great deal of loyalty and respect from those around them. His weapon choice is a machine gun, which can fire multiple shots at enemies posing a threat to his party members. Although he dreams of someday starting a writing career, he's currently serving in the Galbadian army.

Taking it a Bit Further

Laguna is a bit goofy, a bit of a klutz, and damned passionate about those around him. He's got a tendency to fall hard in love and have things work out badly, and he's also really shy around girls. (Still, he has two love interests in the same game. Go him!) Anyway, he's basically the anti-Squall. Funny, cheerful, with ideals as wide as the sky and a willingness to stand up for those in need, kind of a spaz with dreams of journalism and justice. He'd be the ideal hero if he could get his armor on straight and work up the courage to charge in to love on a white horse instead of getting a cramp in his leg. But he's endearing because he's imperfect.

Basically, he's got a big gun and a bigger heart. What more do you want?

In Summary...

We meet Laguna in dream sequences, as a twenty-seven year old fighting in the Galbadian army along with Kiros and Ward. These dreams are sent to Squall by Ellone, and 'ickle Squally doesn't think too much of dear Laguna. "I dreamt I was a moron," he tells us. Well, let's examine what sort of moron.

Laguna spends a lot of time in a certain bar where his crush Julia Heartilly works. He's incredibly shy, although his friends are very loyal, though he may not have a sense of direction. Unfortunately, he was attacked, separated from his comrades, and his love Julia, who eventually married General Caraway.

But alas, Laguna is a stranger in a strange land (er, Winhill) and he cannot make it back to her. He is nursed back to health by Raine, who he eventually falls in love with, and he works as a monster hunter protect the peacefull little town. However, Ellone, Raine's ward and someone both she and Laguna care deeply for- and he rejoins Kiros in an attempt to find her. As he travels the world he works as a traveling journalists. (The pen is mightier, eh?)

Ellone has been captured by the Sorceress Adel in Esthar- and when he finds out, the Adel Resistance appoints Laguna their leader. Using a mix of trickery and industrial light and magic, Laguna imprisons the sorceress. Then the people of Esthar elect him president, and that's where he is 17 years later, when your party encounters him in the flesh. His hair may be a bit grizzled, but his conviction hasn't left him.