Put On Your Best Smile

This is the second version of Veracity, which is currently untitled because I can't bother to come up with names anymore. I really, really didn't like the old layout, and what's more, it didn't even show up, much less function, in IE for Mac, so it had to go. I tried something a bit brighter than my normal layouts, because I think it suits his personality.

The actual image is a collage of shots from the ending FMV. The screencaps featured were taken from Gallant. I used various basic cropping and stretching techniques to put the thing together. I used the "Curves" tool in my copy of Photoshop to make the layout ridiculously bright and turquoise.

I code using the a text-editor in the Mac OSX operating system. Thus, my main browser, and the one I code for, is Safari. However, I'm fairly sure this works in all browsers. This layout is coded using a lot of divs and the float CSS attribute.