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This is Veracity's small Final Fantasy VIII centric link station. Because I'm sure you wanted out of here the moment you wandered in. If you have a Final Fantasy VIII shrine and you'd like to link exchange, please feel free to email me.

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Endless Reign - Edea Kramer
Blue Sky - Ellone
Redemption - Irvine Kinneas
Integral - Laguna Loire
Desperado - Laguna Loire
Glory - Laguna Loire
Rainless - LagunaxRaine
Fragments of Memories - LagunaxRaine
Gentle Rain - Raine Loire
Eyes on Me - Rinoa Heartilly
Eternity - Rinoa Heartilly
Capturing an Angel - Rinoa Heartilly
Valkyrie - Rinoa Heartilly
Maverick - Rinoa Heartilly
Minerva - Quistis Trepe
Save the Queen - Quistis Trepe
Problematic - Seifer Almasy
Booyaka - Selphie Tilmitt
Retrospect - Squall Leonhart
The Roaring Flame - Squall Leonhart
Antihero - Squall Leonhart
Zealous - Zell Dincht
Balamb - General FFVIII
Automatic 08 - FFVIII Media

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If you want to be here, ask. At the moment, I'm only accepting Final Fantasy VIII related fanlistings and shrines.

antihero Antihero is my friend Stefi's gorgeous shrine to her hero Squall. What I love about this shrine is the honest dedication that she's put into it. She really cares for the character with all her heart, and it shows witht the many pages of content she's devoted to defending and explaining FFVIII's antisocial protagonist.

Retrospect Retrospect is Sarah's site, anther wonderful tribute to the game's protagonist. It's sites like this that have made me come to appreciate Squall's varied character after all these years. Filled with information and intriguing observations, as well as a support ring!