The Mundane and Mediocre

Everything you ever wanted to know about Veracity, and more! Oh, I'm sure you're excited.

The Site

This site was created as a fanlisting, because by some fluke of the TFL, the staffers approved me for it when I applied. It's always had a few extra content pages, and eventually I plan on turning it into a full-fledged, in-depth shrine with many more pretty pictures. I use the power of Enthusiast and PHPCodeSort in running this fanlisting. The screencaps of the ending FMV were kindly taken by Stefi.

The Name

ve·rac·i·ty (v&-'ra-s&-tE) noun
1 : devotion to the truth : TRUTHFULNESS
2 : power of conveying or perceiving truth
3 : something true (makes lies sound like veracities)

I chose the name Veracity because I like how it sounds, and I think it suits Laguna admirably. He seems, to me, to have this overwhelming quality of something a lot like honesty mixed with a pinch of verissimilitude. It's that quality which endears him to players and the Estharan public. So, Veracity it is.

The Reasons

Now, at first I didn't apply for this fanlisting, because I thought there was no way in heck I'd be approved for it. So I tried in vain to resist but then I had this epiphany: no one can resist Laguna, so why should I even try?

The reason I like Laguna isn't just because he's a hero, because he brings liberty and peace to the people of Esthar and vanquishes the evil sorceress. Everyone in video games does that. But Laguna's actually a good person. He's the genuine article- and whenever I learned more about him I found myself admiring him the more. Laguna's got a lot more development than most characters- we can see his youth and his maturity, but he's got that tenacity of idealism that I try so hard to cultivate. Plus he's a journalist. Plus he's a politician. It's like they were trying to cater directly to my crazed Enlightenment state of mind. He's like the Thomas Jefferson of video game characters- without the hypocrisy and the slaves. That, and he has a machine gun. I really like the idea of a machine gun too much for my own good.

So, to sum up, Laguna is my favorite FF8 character by far, and one of my favorite characters in anything really. (By last count he was my second-favorite FF character, just edging out the Pimp King Figaro.) He's just got some indescribable quality that makes people love him, in the game and out of it.


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