Laguna for your desktop!

I make really, really crappy wallpapers, but that hasn't stopped me from offering a few for your downloading pleasure. If you have any you'd like to contribute, by all means, email me and I'll put them up with full credit.

Download: 800x600 l 1024x768
Description: A really simple wallpaper made from the official Nomura artwork and the power of pastel colors and diagonal stripes. There are lyrics from Eyes on Me featured as well. I've been trying not to get overly complex with my wallpaper-making, I think they have a tendancy to get too busy, but I think I may be carrying that too far with my latest batch.

Download: 800x600 l 1024x768
Description: I think Laguna has a really odd name for a limit break, considering he's not an action hero and is actually, well, Laguna. Still, I think the idea is sort of funny, so I made an action-hero-tastic wallpaper featuring the nifty character shot from the opening credits and cliche blood splatter graphics. The wording looks a little funny on the thumbnail but it straightens itself out in the full version.

Download: 800x600 l 1024x768
Description: This wallpaper was kindly donated by Storm. Featuring a few shots from the ending FMV sequence, you get a nice sense of the older Laguna. Storm used nice soft colors which I think highlight Laguna's wonderful personality :)