A longtime complaint of mine has been the internet’s lack of Final Fantasy IV sites. Oh, there have always been sites around dedicated to Kain and Rydia, but what happened to poor Cecil? He’s the main character. So much of what makes Final Fantasy Final Fantasy can be traced back to this particular collection of pastel-colored pixels. He’s been an angsty mercenary since before it was cool!

That’s how I see Cecil, as the sort of ur-angst of Final Fantasy, the source of brooding manpain and its eventual redemption via the milk of human kindness. Cecil’s manpain has more of an edge to it, though, probably because black armor is styling.

Needless to say I finally got off my butt and made that Cecil site I was threatening for many years. It’s not very large: Final Fantasy IV sites don’t really need to be. But I’m secretly quite fond of it. I think, as the name suggests, I’ve focused a bit too much on the happy paladin moonbaby side of things, at the expense of Cecil’s inner dark. It’s just very hard when the artists formerly known as Square give you such an easy Sailor Moon joke.

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