Chris Lightfellow was not a character I expected to like, because I am dumb. I don’t go in for chivalry unless it is willing to twist the knife; I prefer my armor dented, not shining. But Suikoden is a series that wears its complicated morality with pride, preferring to shun easy answers for cigar-smoking ducks.

And so Chris is a complicated figure, loved by her own country who knows not what she does, despised by the enemies that know her handiwork too well. Like I said, I don’t go in for chivalry unless it’s willing to twist the knife. And Chris’s fundamental ethos is one of service, of selflessness. So it was interesting to see her struggle to find herself.

Sterling is a small but complete shrine that was the result of an intense, two-week affair and my strongly held conviction that the internet needs more Suikoden shrines.

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