The first time I played through Final Fantasy VIII, all I could think of was “When are we going to get to another Laguna flashback?” Laguna was more than the Man With the Machine Gun, he was the Man Who Redeemed FF8. I’ve come to appreciate the game a bit more in recent years, but my love for Laguna never faltered. He’s just plain likable.

Veracity is mostly content to be a quiet mini-shrine and a fanlisting. I do have some plans to expand it– my love for Laguna is actually quite large. He was the welcome humor and mysteriously mature perspective in a game dominated by teenage angst. Seeing him through two decades of character development and kick-ass battle themes made him one of the most memorable temp characters of all time. But there are lots of Final Fantasy VIII sites and so it’s hard for me to find motivation. Anyway, there’s still a fair bit of content and a fanlisting to join.

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