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Grace DoubleNegative

The Seventh Sage

Sheik is the mysterious Sheikah who greets Link after he awakes in the Temple of Time. Throughout the rest of the game, Sheik comes to Link's aid and teaches him various powerful melodies.

Role and Relation- Sheik's function in Ocarina of Time, both in the official manga and the game.

More Matter, Less Art- Words of wisdom Sheik imparts, that clever (and oddly zen-like) fellow.

Then Play On!- Music being the food of love, poetry, and, as luck would have it, legend. Watch as I quote documents from the middle ages and codes of chivalry!

Gender Bending- Is Sheik male or female, and why do we really care? The section I recieve the most feedback on, now with lengthly Shakespearean tangent.

Smash- Sheik's special moves in SSBM and how to play them. Starting with those dang needles.

Seventh Sage- The TFL approved Sheik fanlisting, run by yours truly. Join up, because you know that Sheik is awesome.

Bits of Paradise

I'm a major F. Scott Fitzgerald fanatic, so of course I have to include a large tangent about his wife, for whom Zelda was named.

The Gypsy Queen- A biography of Zelda Fitzgerald, flapper-girl and feminist icon extraordinare.

A Storm-Toss'd Maiden- F. Scott Fitzgerald and their tempestuous relationship. Why it works and why it fails.

Bits of Paradise- Extracts from Zelda's letters and works. Because I'm a bit of a quote fanatic, if you haven't guessed.

Nom de Guerre- What does Zelda mean anyway? A bit of analysis as to why the creators chose this name for this character.

The Heroine Reborn

Stuff about Zelda in games that aren't Ocarina of Time, because I like those too.

The Princess and the Pirate- Zelda, Tetra, the Windwaker and further speculations on the timeline.

Dawn and Dusk- Twilight Princess speculation! Zelda has a sword! I am sooo exicted. This game will be my vindication!

Arrows of Light- The weapon Zelda has been associated with throughout the series and any symbolism I can come up with for it.