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The Eternal Legend

The Legend of Zelda series of games are as old as any. First released in 1987, seventeen years ago, they are still making Zelda games and they continue to be among the most loved.

Chronicles of Destiny- A brief history of the Zelda series, starting with the first game and ending with the latest.

Legend and Lore-The tale of the triforce, a myth at the heart of the more recent Zelda games, especially Ocarina of Time.

Continuity and Conspiracy - Various theories about linking the legends. What Zelda site is complete without ridiculously speculative timelines?

Specifically Speaking - A more specific look at plot of Ocarina of Time, the Zelda this site is primarily concerned with.

A Tragic Heroine

In my eyes, Zelda is both eloquent and empowering, a lengend unto herself. Most people don't see things like I do- but that's why I made this site.

Heroics and Heroism- Who is Zelda and why is the game named after her? In lieu of the basic profile, an introductory essay.

Princess and Patriot-What does Hyrule mean to her, and more importantly, what does she mean to Hyrule?

Oh men, your destiny!-The ability to see the future is Zelda's own personal superpower. What effect does clairvoyance have on her, and what is its role in legends?

Wisdom and Wizardry- Zelda has the triforce of Wisdom, indicating that she possesses great quantities thereof. But what exactly is wisdom?

Archetype and Stereotype- Greek tragedy and the video game princess. Or, "Alex is a pretensious arse."

On Tragedy and Triumph- The end of Ocarina and her future. Conjectures about the why and the wherfores, and what could happen next.

A Romance for the Ages

Okay kids, I ship LinkxZelda enough for me to have a section here about it. Yes.

Through Time- Link and Zelda throughout the major games in the series. Hooray for non-OoT specific content.

Too Much a Fairy Tale- Why I am a Zelda-shipper, despite my near complete apathy with regards to other fictional characters sex lives.

A Subtler Sadness- Why it doesn't happen (at least explicitly)- speculation on the ending of Ocarina of Time and Zelda's character.

Conclusions- Why these things go unspoken and hope for the next installments of the series.

Les Autres Chose

Anything interesting I could think of to say about the character, which, not suprisingly, isn't very much.

Defense- Why Zelda doesn't suck. (No, she doesn't. Really.)

Smash- I am always Zelda in SSBM, and I'm not half bad when it comes to her. Here's a list of her moves and some strategies I've amassed.