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Visions of the Past

This is the media section of Consequence, where I give to you all the Zelda related goodies I can muster. This is probably the most oft-updated section, and donations are always welcome and appreciated.

Official Images- These are official screencaps and illustration from SSBM and The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time.

Fanart-A small section of fanart by myself and by the visitors to this place.

Fanfiction- Fanfiction that features everyone's favorite Hylian princess.

Wallpapers- The triforce lends its awesome power- to your desktop!

Livejournal Icons- Livejournal icons (100x100) for you to use as your very own.

Avatars- Avatars of various sizes (from 65x65 on down) for use at messageboards and as AIM logos and stuff. Huzzah?