Few sons are the equal of their fathers;

Welcome to Veracity, a fanlisting and mini-shrine to the ever brilliant Laguna Loire. Laguna provides a counter-point to the hero Squall's sturm und drang in Square-Enix's ever popular Final Fantasy VIII. Easily my favorite character in that chapter of the Final Fantasy saga, Laguna is one of my favorite video game characters of all time. His his idealistic and rather bashful personality make him oh-so endearing, and his continuing fight for freedom and all other Good Things make him more than that.

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This is the second version of Veracity, and features the final scene done-up full-motion video style. The scene is touching in the trope of tragic love, heartbreak and renewal, and it's the best Laguna will ever look unless they stick him in Kingdom Hearts 3. This site was designed on a Mac OSX machine in the Safari browser. Anyway, if you haven't figured out by now, this site is best viewed in modern, CSS-supporting browsers with images visible and all that jazz. I try my best to have this thing as cross-browser compatable as possible, but I can't garuntee much beyond that.