Is a lucky rabbit's foot lucky for the rabbit?;

Welcome to Sterling, a fansite dedicated to Chris Lightfellow. Although shrines to non Final Fantasy gaming characters are few and far-between, and Suikoden III seems to be ignored even by fans of the series, still this is one of my favorite games and one of my favorite heroines. Chris deserves some sort of online tribute. This small site is what I came up with. Spoilers are everywhere. You have been warned!

This site also serves as a fanlisting for Chris. It's listed under the games category at TFL and under the characters category at TAFL.

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This is the second version of Sterling, and the first version as a fanlisting/mini-shrine rather than just a fanlisting. It uses some self-scanned images from the Suikoden III manga, from the scene of Chris at Iskay. The images were edited in Adobe Photoshop, with the help of some textures. The layout was coded by me in a simple text editor, and should validate as XHTML transitional. It's optimized for Safari, but should look fine in any browser that supports CSS.