White Devil and Silver Maiden;


Name: Chris Lightfellow
Born: IS 454 (She's 22)
Origin: Vinay del Zexay
Star: Tenbi (The Lowly Star)

Chris Lightfellow knows the horror of war -- her father died in battle when she was just a little girl. Now, wanting to become a soldier like him, she enters a military school and becomes a knight after graduating. When her commanding officer is killed in the line of duty, Chris shows her fellow knights her true strength -- in every war, a hero must rise out of the destructive ashes to usher in the peace!

This is her story

For Chris, the game begins with a horrible battle in which the captain and lieutenant of the Zexen knights are killed. During the combat, the knights pledge to follow Chris, though she herself feels unready for such responsibility. Thanks largely to her prowess, the Zexens win the battle, and Chris returns home a hero. It soon becomes clear, however, that the knights' blood and bravery is just a tool of the Zexen Council, which has its own plans. The knights want desperately to end the war and stop the horrible conflict, but the council enjoys the possibility of expanding the Zexen city-state. When the clans of the grassland seem to betray a truce agreement, Chris elects to retreat and storm a grassland village in order to get her own troops to safety.

In the heat of the moment, she accidentally kills a young boy.

Confused by the blood on her hands and her growing reputation for heroism, Chris accepts an invitation to join one of her knights, Percival, at a festival in the small town of Iskay. She finally has a moment of peace. Of course, this is a videogame, and the view is interrupted by a flirtatious blond man named Nash. While she and Nash talk, the village of Iskay is attacked by grasslanders, avenging the village that Chris had burned earlier. Nash joins Chris and Percival in defending the village. While fighting, she is accosted by a Karayan warrior named Jimba, who says that Chris must follow the Flame Champion if she is to learn anything about her missing father. After returning home that night, Chris is surprised to find Nash in her bedroom. Nash is looking for information on the Flame Champion, and wants her to join him on a trip through the grasslands.

Tired of her strange responsibilites and the aches of battle, she agrees to join him.

The mystery of Chris's father is at the heart of the conflict between the Zexens and the grassland clans. She does eventually find her father, and solve the riddle of the Flame Champion. But more than that, she learns what it really means to be a knight.