You know Borus already has!

Ooh boy, you've made it to the join page. Just read the rules, pick out a code, and fill in the form and you're good to go!


1. Like Chris. I don't care if you like her as a fighter or as a character, if you like Hugo better, or whatever. If you consider yourself a fan, you're more than welcome to join.

2. Reasonable names please. Be honest with me here. Are you really Wyatt Lightfellow? Really really? I'll list any name you give me but I like to keep the userlist believable and free of l33t sp34k.

3. You don't need a website. But if you do have one, please consider linking back here- that way more people can find this fanlisting :) And it's super-fun too! I've even provided handy dandy codes for you.