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Here are a few links out and about that the discerning surfer may find of interest. If you've a Final Fantasy VI site and would like to be here, kindly send an email my way. Yeah. Final Fantasy VI links get a button because they're special. If you're looking for just general info, I reccomend Caves of Narshe.

Marauder Undercover Blond Concealed Heart Marauder Tiger Break Toss of Fate Memories Lost Dreams Blackjack Trust Your Heart A Vision of Hope Seafood Soup Perfect Disguise Perfect Disguise Perfect Disguise

If you're looking for links to other game shrines, you can try Endgame, my video game link portal. Otherwise, here are some of my own silly Final Fantasy sites for you to visit. Yeah, I'm big on Final Fantasy IV.

Amends Lightbringer Streaks of Day Libertine Veracity

Other gaming sites on the network, including character tributes relating to Valkyrie Profile, Suikoden, and suchlike can be found at my collective.

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Locke x Terra Locke fan- well, duh.