Nash Latkje


The Stars on my Tablet...

I don't have many rules, but I do like to see them followed. But you can (and probably will) skip them if you know what you're doing.

1. Like Nash *Insert Last Name Here*. You can know him from the Gaidens or Suikoden III, you can just have a passing liking for the guy or you could be a full fledged fangirl. Just consider yourself a fan.

2. Reasonable names please. Be honest with me here. Are you really 71r M(D0hl? Really really? I'll list any name you give me but I like to keep the userlist believable and free of l33t sp34k.

3. You don't need a website. But if you do have one, please consider linking back here- that way more people can find this fanlisting :) And it's super-fun too! I've even provided handy dandy codes for you.