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Welcome to the Site Section

Black and White was established in the summer of 2006 as one of those shrine/fanlist doohickeys in tribute to Nash Latkje, Suikoden hero and wielder of the True Smexiness Rune. Its mission statement: to simultaneously glorify and make fun of Nash, in the service of Great Awesome. Because Nash is full of awesome, but also because he's full of depth and character development and Japan-only content.

The layout was created from scans of the early volumes of the Suikoden III manga, all of which can be found on this site. Other than this, the layout is completely my fault, as it features my coding, my image editing, and my infamous choice of color schemes.

Wherefore art thou Suikoden?

So, why make this site? The long and short answer to these things is always "I like the character." If it ain't, you're in the wrong place. You have to start with liking the character. But I admit, there was one other reason I wanted to make this site.

The game shrinage world is kinda dominated by Final Fantasy and the Greater Empire of Squenix. I myself admit to being a somewhat loyal subject of that empire. (Oh, what the hell. I'm totally their personal bitch.) However, I realize they aren't they aren't the end-all be-all of everything, even the world of Japanese RPGs. I feel that there are other games and characters that deserve recognition by way of website. I wanted there to be more Suikoden sites, and so I made one. Maybe more will follow suit? There was a time when the games had a pretty strong online following, but most of them have disappeared now.

If my black magic is worked and you're interested in Suikoden when you weren't before, I've put together a SuikoFAQ!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of questions you don't have to ask me, because they are already answered here.

Can I use the images you have in the galleries on my own site?
Sure! Layouts, icons, other galleries, whatever you feel like. It's all official stuff, so I have no claim. However, if you're using one of my icons or wallpapers, I do appreciate credit. You can link back here, or credit my icon journal: antigonist.

What about the layout? Can I use it on my own site?
I, uh, really don't like people taking my layouts and content without crediting, and I'm not very fond of it with the crediting either. The layouts I make for my sites are not free layouts for the taking. If you're stuck at HTML or something, though, I might be able to help, just drop me a line.

I have Nash related icons/media/fanfiction/fudge brownies. Can I send them to you?
YES! I love recieving content donations. Send stuff to revanche(at), and I'll be sure to post it here.

Can we link exchange or maybe affiliate?
Fanlisting affiliation is always open if you have a Suikoden related fanlist. With shrine affiliation, I'm a bit pickier, although not much- if you have a site with somewhat well-developed content on a character from the series, I'd be happy to affiliate. Just ask.

How do you pronounce Latkje?
I, uh, really have no idea.