Nash Latkje


A summary of the events thusfar

"Can play various roles well, since he's a spy. His acting is noteworthy."

Nash "Clovis" Latkje is a recurring character in Konami's Suikoden series of games. He is the hero of the Suikogaiden games, and makes a major appearance in Suikoden III. He even makes an uncredited cameo as random NPC #4 in Suikoden II! A charmer, skirt chaser, hero, and spy, Nash is easily my favorite character in the series.

The Early/Gaiden Years

Nash was born a first class citizen and the scion of the politcally powerful Latkje family. He loved his sister and his parents, and his life went the usual happy way until tragedy struck and his parents were murdered by the man calling himself Zaj. Zaj was his sister Julie's affianced, but was actually an assassin with connections to the Howling Voice guild of gunners. Nash confronted him and wound up inflicting a mortal wound on the man who had poisoned his parents. He fled the Crystal Valley, his homeland. The Latjke family was in ruins, and his sister was cared for by the Church. Nash joined the Harmonian Southern Fringe Security Force headquartered at Caleria. From there he worked as a special ops agent.

Nash VS Vampire

One of his more notable missions sent him to Jowston in search of the recently resurfaced True Rune. His orders were to gain information and if possible accquire the rune for Harmonia, however, he failed pretty completely in his quest. Instead, he got caught up in events, and worked to defend the city of Greenhill against Highland. There, after meeting several stars of destiny and many characters in the Suikoden II plot, most notably Sierra, he learned that Zaj was still alive. He returned to Crystal Valley to face off against Zaj once more, and this time, he made sure that he stayed dead. He then proceeded to disappear.

As Seen in Suikoden III
To the rescue!

Fifteen years later, Nash resurfaced. While investigating the conflict between Zexen and the Grassland clans, Nash happens upon Chris Lightfellow, the captain of the Zexen Knights. He aids her in defending the village of Iskay from Grassland attack, then dissapears. He shows up again in her closet, by way of a secret passage. Nash had been asked by Salome, the Zexen strategist and Chris's right hand man, to accompany Chris on a journey throught the Grasslands in search of the Flame Champion and her elusive father. While Nash seems to know everything about Chris, he remains a bit of an enigma himself, refusing to answer any questions as to his motives or origins.

Nash and Chris.

One night in Alma Kinan, Nash seeks Chris out alone, and explains that he's a Harmonian spy working under the direct command of the Bishop Sasarai. Harmonia has been an enemy in the story thus far, and Nash has been sent to take out the Fire Bringer. However, he's come to suspect that a deeper evil is at play. When the true enemy of the game reveals itself in the treacherous Masked Bishop, Nash steals himself away to Harmonia and convinces the Bishop to join the Fire Bringer. Nash also discovers the location of the Bad Guys from Albert Silverberg, thus helping save the world. After this event is over, he again disappears.

The fifteen years in between are a mystery, although he claims to have gotten married. It's pretty likely that he and Sierra "Old Hag" Mikain, the world's oldest and most powerful vampire, got hitched somewhere along the line. Kidd, the boy detective, reports that Nash had been living with his aunt and sister.

Nash is a master of many weapons and has plenty of gadgets, as befits a spy. In Suikoden III, he attacks with a bizarre knife-shooting mechanism he keeps on hidden under his sleeve. He's also been seen with sleeping power, powerful magic scrolls, infinite supplies of throwing knives, and the standard issue hip-dagger. He spent some time learning in the Howling Voice Guild, and so has knowledge of gunpowder he's used to construct explosives. Most famous, of course, is the deadly Grosser Fluss, a Latkje family heirloom. These powerful twin swords are part blade, part whip, covered with a deadly poison when he so desires, and are in general extremely powerful. However, they come with a curse, and have a nasty tendency to drive the wielder insane. Nash buried his blades with Zaj, meaning we didn't get to see them in Suikoden III, more's the pity.

Personality wise, Nash seems to have changed from the hot-headed hero who would betray his country for the defense of innocence to a smooth customer and intelligent playboy. He's one sarcastic charmer in Suikoden III, but he doesn't let flirting interfere with his job. (Too much.)